Wednesday, February 27, 2013

weekly obsession; lace

okay, where do i begin? i just LOVE lace and everything about it. i love it on stationary, clothing, accessories! oh my gosh, it's the most beautiful fabric ever created. anyhow, i've been planning my future wedding (whenever it may be), so i'm constantly looking through dresses and i came upon these two on various websites and wedding blogs. I FELL IN LOVE! they're so elegant and classy yet so chic! i'd love to wear one out to a outing or a some sort of tasteful party. so lovely. but that's what i'm all about anyway. :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

new song.

like i said before, i will change my music week or two. i just love change.
this one is "girls keep secrets in the strangest ways" by ephemera. 
gosh, i love them. they make my life colorful and bubbly. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


so, i've come to terms that time is moving so swiftly, i need to do something worthy every day. well, i started papering again and sometimes it gets quite boring so i drag my boyfriend to do something with me. this past valentines day, he and i made a heart garland together. of course, i had to cut out all of the hearts because i just couldn't risk him wasting my paper and cutting ugly, malformed hearts. 

so what i did was i cut out 18 hearts (no particular reason) and we split the in half. he got 9 and i got 9. then, we wrote why we loved each other on the back, or reasons why we love each other. after writing, we got to read them and i'd have to say, it's cheesy but really fun. my boyfriend wrote some really funny things that made my heart all warm. :) 

ironically, he wrote more than i did! 

anyway, we decorated my room with it and now that it's been like a few days, i took it down, packaged it, and put it our journal for future references. 

i definitely recommend this activity with your loved one, valentines day or any day of the year.